Just a few days more and Lagos will be back to its peak time hustle and bustle on our streets.

For schools as well, it’s time to fling the gates open again and welcome our precious ones back to the schoolhouse.

Parents should not wait for the rush on the first day of resumption. A lot can be achieved days before.

Please follow these few tips. They will help a great deal.

1. Gradually Introduce the School Days Routine:

Parents should begin to wake their children up early enough from now, so they adjust to early rising. Late coming will be averted when they wake up early from now. Another routine is to get back to reading real books and writing on paper. TV time and Tab time should be reduced from now. Holiday and entertainment are rounding up; reading and writing are coming soon. Thirdly, they should begin to sleep early and cut down on late nights. They should begin to fine-tune their minds from Netflix to “School Flix”.

2. Get the School Looks Back:

One of the issues that may come up next week when school resumes is the haircut and hairstyle. Our boys must return back to the S-TEE school look and the same for the girls. They are S-TEE students and they must return back to that S-TEE look we all treasure and admire. It will be a good time for parents to change their uniforms if it’s faded and worn out. Nothing gives young people confidence as much as the way they look.

3. Do your School Supply Shopping now:

Waiting till the last minute often brings discomfort and stress. Come for the books this week and make payments this week. Similarly, make all purchases of lunch packs, stockings, stationeries, inner wears, shoes, etc before the weekend rush when all shops will be filled with customers. When we make proper plans, we make things easier on ourselves and on our children.

We shall be reminding/introducing to you our S-TEE School Culture, rules and regulations for all returning students, parents and new students. These rules and regulations were carefully designed for the well-being of all stakeholders within the S-TEE community. Our Culture is also for the protection, safety and comfort of all our children. They are important to us and we care about them.

IT Check List for Resumption

As we prepare for resumption on 5th September 2022, parents are encouraged to look into the checklist below;
a. Computer System (preferably, a laptop)
b. Internet access at home
c. Microsoft Teams installed on the computer (required to access electronic note, weekly practice questions, videos, Online After School Lesson)
d. Printer – required to print electronic notes for your wards.IT Check List for Resumption

We are looking forward to all our students joining us next week.


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