Badging of New School Prefects

Badging of S-TEE Prefect

There is excitement in the air as new school prefects were badged on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

In a circular from the office of the Head of Corporate Services sent to all school heads, Mrs. Keshinro Juliet made the announcement that new prefects would be badged during the Wednesday 25th November 2020 assembly. In the communique, she stated that the list had been approved by the Director of School Head, Mrs. Ayoyinka Owairu. She said further that “these set of prefects will be decorated  on the assembly ground with badges on the 25th of November by 7.30 am.”

The prefects were eventually badged on Wednesday 25th 2020 in an assembly compliant to Covid regulations with social distancing and face masks by all school community. During the ceremony, Mrs. Keshinro noted that the event should have been held earlier in the year if not for the Covid 19 outbreak.

Prior to badging of prefects in S-TEE School, the students are usually engaged in a rigorous compulsory week-long off-campus leadership boot camp organized by The Saint Claire’s Leadership Institute (SCLI), a subsidiary of Lett Consult. At SCL, the students are taught leadership skills, team building, interpersonal relations amongst others. These set of students had their SCLI training last December.

In total, 18 prefects were decorated with varying responsibilities. For the first time, a non-final year student was also badged as a prefect for the post of Time Manager.

Here is a list of all prefects for the 2020/2021 academic session;

1. Head boy :      Dennis Malaka

2. Ass. Head boy:  Darasimi Onamade

3. Head girl:             Halima Hamzat

4. Ass. Head girl:   Fimisheri Makinde

5. Ass. Labour prefect: Oswald Nwuzor

6. Laboratory:   Fatimah Aliyu Sanni

7. Ass. Laboratory : Semilore Taiwo

8. Devotion prefect :  Onwubalili Ifeanyi

9. Ass. Devotion prefect: Bali Adamu Maryam

10. Welfare/Social prefect: Chikamso Iloka

11. Ass. Social prefect: Enojela Dominion

12. Sports prefect: Ambrose Seimodei

13. Ass. Sport prefect :  Maryanne Okpalafigbo

14. Time manager: Omazuru Egbuta

15. Library prefect: Akintemi Temiloluwa

16. Ass. Library: Donald Thompson

17. House Captain : Ayoola Daniel

18. House Captain: Somto Phils-Anyanwu

Congratulations to all the new students.

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    Please kindly give us the procedure and requirements for admission into SS 2.
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