Charity Day 2018

charity day 2018

This is to announce that the S-TEE Charity Day 2018 holds on Monday 10th December 2018 by 9am at the school field.

Charity Day is an annual program of the school, championed by SS 2 students. The day is set aside for public awareness and campaign against poverty in the society. As it is customary on the day, the school provides relieve materials for the less privileged in the society, through donations from teachers, students, parents and friends of the school.

This year’s event is themed “A Christmas To Remember”. The focus is to put smiles on the faces of an indigent children in the society, making the end of the year a memorable one for them.

All items collected on the event day will be donated to charity homes and other agencies responsible for catering for needy children.

The organizers hereby use this medium to invite the general public and thereby solicit for your support for a successful event. Items needed includes non-perishable food items, clothing items, cash donations etc.

See you!

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