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News Update

Life is vast, deep, and inexhaustible in all ramifications. The more we see, the more we realize we haven’t seen it all. Knowledge is a bottomless sea with treasures locked deep down waiting for the daring explorers to reach on to and make novel discoveries. The present pandemic has created new realities globally. Medical experts, world leaders, corporate giants, and the whole of humanity have been brought down to their...
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Nigerian Flag
Your birthplace is one of the few things in life you never get the chance to choose yourself. Fate determines our nationality and if an opportunity comes after, we could earn the right to have an additional nationality either by a formal application or by merit.  My birthplace is Nigeria, a once giant nation of Africa, blessed with great resources and great people. Her land is rich and fertile; her...
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back to school resumption
We are pleased to announce the resumption date for first term 2021/2022 academic session slated for Monday 20th September 2021 by 7.30am. All of us at S-TEE Schools are excited to welcome back students into not just a new term, but also a new academic session. Parents are advised to come with their wards on resumption day into to complete necessary registration. For effective communication, we will require updated data...
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S-TEE School Is 43
There is excitement in the air today as our beloved and preferred institution of learning S-TEE Schools marks its 43rd year today 10th September 2021. S-TEE Schools as an institution, was founded and established in September, 1978 by Madam S. T. Lawal, with an ultimate goal to develop human capital. Our vision is aimed at building hopes, academic excellence and leadership aspirations of young people, that inspires them to realise...
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Exam Update
The commencement of the Third Term Examination is from Wednesday 14th of July – Friday 23rd July 2021. Nursery School: 14th- 16th Nursery Time Table Primary School: 14th-19th Primary Time Table Secondary School: 14th- 23rd which is the last day of examination for this session. Secondary Time Table
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