Resumption for 3rd Term 2021/2022

Resumption for 3rd term

Education is the passport to the future; For tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X

The very word, resumption connotes beginning again after a period of rest, relaxation or a little bit of pause. It does not mean a final end to a programme. Therefore, after a brief holiday period, everyone on a project resumes back to continue working in order to build on past efforts, record progress and achieve a prize for the good work done.

It is important to note however that work may seem hard, tough and very uninteresting. This is the reason why many people quit from the period of rest and never return or resume. For those people, failure becomes their “achievement”. For many others, they get scared about resumption as they do not wish to face the challenges they faced previously. But tell me, how can people win prizes without participating in the competition.


For learners to make the most of resumption periods, I wish to share with you three secret tools for making the most of this very important phase to achieve great heights in their journey through school. Remember the quote above; tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

The first vital secret to taking advantage of resumption is to build new skills and strategies to correct the errors of last term. You probably didn’t attain your set target scores in some subjects last term. You wasted time with friends and electronic gadgets and you saw the poor result those distractions brought your way. Now is the time to make corrections, take new decisions and head in a new direction. Every learner with new strategies will always move higher to be more successful. Therefore resumption time is correction time and resolution time. Resolve to be a new learner for new strategies to be work better for you.

Secondly, resumption is an opportunity to set the pace for a new attitude in school. Much of the causes of failures in school is the mindset of students to their academics. Students do not fight for their future life with passion and determination. Their excitement in resuming school is to see their friends and catch up with holiday experiences and as soon as that is done, they fall into complacency. A new term should be an opportunity for learners to make bold declarations and decisions about their learning. Let your number one priority be your studies. Do not take your education with levity and expect to see a great future. You are going to become what you are seriously doing today.

Thirdly, resumption time is the time to conclude well, put finishing touches to your cumulative scores and strive very hard to receive a prize at the end of the session. All previous scores can either be built on for a great finishing or be ignored and the term wasted to have very poor results at the end. It is wise to finish well with serious work and achieve great end result for all the three terms.

As I wish you a great resumption, be sure that you remain focused on what is important to you as an individual. This is a great opportunity to be better and to be the best in your grade and in your subject. The success of today will build a great future for you tomorrow. God Bless you All.

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