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S-TEE History

Education holds the key to a better life. Every child deserves to be properly equipped with the necessary foundation skills required to function effectively in their world. In an age where information is vital for transformation, it is important that we carefully handle our learning process in order to ensure that we are preparing adequately for our tomorrow.

S-TEE was established on the premise of attaining such goals. Since September 1978, S-TEE has maintained a strong commitment to imparting sound moral, academic, spiritual and life training skills into our learners.

We believe that if our processes (tutoring, teaching, modelling, coaching, training, counselling, etc) are well structured and implemented, we will produce great minds, expert thinkers, solution-driven personnel, who will take the world by storm.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build hopes, academic excellence and leadership aspirations of young people by delivering a programmed education that inspires them to realize their full potentials.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Caring
  • Tolerance

Our Mission

To raise a godly generation of students with high moral and academic standards to become global leaders who will stand for excellence and integrity.

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Human capital development is our ultimate goal as this is the foundation for the economic and political restoration of our great continent, Africa.

S-TEE Schools serve students in the Nursery, Primary, Junior and Secondary High School, IGCSE and Cambridge ‘A’ Level Cambridge.


We have a diverse, multicultural population covering various ethnic groups and nationalities within the West African sub-region and beyond.

Powerful Alumni

S-TEE strives to build a culture in which all staff, students, parents and our community at large work continually together towards achieving a healthy and responsible learning environment.