S-TEE Community

Every child is born to be a star, a change agent, a contributor and a facilitator of new ideas. Education creates the platform for the realization of this blue print and excellence is an effectual ingredient in creating that product. Societies, civilization and economic growth are built by quality resource personnel.

Welcome To S-TEE

It is my utmost pleasure welcoming you to our world here in S-TEE Schools. I have come to know that one of the biggest influences that can turn one’s life around is the power of a good education. From my humble beginnings, I can look back and identify the huge contributions that education has made in my life.

Education unlocks the door to great opportunities, education rescues one from the chains of oppressive cultural and religious practices; education empowers one to create wealth, create jobs and despite the prevalence of poverty, education makes one to see the gold mines even in a desert.

Student Activities

S-TEE gives learning to students as well as tools to create their own world and fulfil their destinies. Trust us to provide excellence educational services to your children and watch them take over the world. 

Social Life

Learning is fun when the learner is recognised for who he/she is, participates in the process, is guided, loved and appreciated, is made to work and play in a friendly, colourful and inspiring environment.

School reopening S-TEE Schools

S-TEE Values

Our values celebrate the indispensable requirements for every responsible human being. The need to fear God and live a godly life is paramount; Respect and due regard for others is a non-negotiable demand; Discipline, responsibility and excellence must be reflected in our everyday life.

Our Committment

As we remain tireless and uncompromising in raising standards and pushing boundaries, we believe all our products will show forth excellence wherever they are.

In S-TEE, we painstakingly work at the proper mix of academic and leadership training into our curriculum. We deploy a rigorous but result-oriented academic system that trains our learners to imbibe the confidence and competence needed to soar ahead in a competitive environment. Our school operation is tailored to help each learner understand who they are and how to be the best in whatever they do.

Our culture in S-TEE is to create the right foundation for every learner. Learning is fun when the learner is recognised for who he/she is, participates in the process, is guided, loved and appreciated, is made to work and play in a friendly, colourful and inspiring environment.

Madam T. S. LawalCEO/Founder, S-TEE Schools

The S-TEE Advantage

Our culture, values and beliefs have all worked together to get us to where we are now. We trust God and have always done our best to produce great people every year. These testimonies abound in various sectors and professions in Nigeria and in the global community.

Facilities & Programs

S-TEE Boarding


The S-TEE Boarding Facility is committed to the total development of independent and responsible youths in a safe, secure and comfortable environment, suitable for learning and living. Our conducive boarding houses enable us to run a close knit community where students experience home away from home. 

S-TEE Swimming


We learn and we play at S-TEE. Our host of extra co-curricular activities are also learning platforms created to help our learner adapt to the needs of a 21st century learner.

S-TEE Leadership training

Leadership Training

In our bid to raise global leaders, it is mandatory for all SS2 students to partake in the leadership training in partnership with the St. Clair’s Leadership Academy.

Information Technology

Our modern ICT centre is fully equipped with computers, projector, e-learning tools, wireless internet access and a host of other features that enhances learning in a 21st centry classroom.

S-TEE Schools Library


Our well stocked library is just what our students need for research and personal studies. We provide a rich blend of textbooks combined with our routine library sessions for students, our library is jus the right place for accelerated academic growth.



Science Centre

We are equipped with all recommended modern laboratories including those for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Economics, Technical Drawing, Farm, Language Room and a host of others.

The 21st century is an age that demands global perspective in training and resource development for teaching and for learning.

Mrs. Ayoyinka OwairuDirector, S-TEE Schools