Community Service

Community Service

S-TEE School is committed to serving our community. Our community service projects involve cleaning our host community, holding charity concerts and supporting selected charity organizations with funds raised from such concerts. Both students and teachers are fully involved in rendering these services.


We have experienced and friendly counsellors to help the students with personal, emotional or academic challenges.

Leadership Empowerment Training (LET)

We appreciate the need to prepare every youth for the challenges of being a leader, generating ideas and relating with a team for the purpose of achieving goals. Our LET sessions basically examine the lifestyles of great leaders, highlighting major lessons for life. Other areas in the curriculum centre on character building principles and issues of self-esteem and team building strategies.

Junior High School Career Guidance Boot Camp

At the end of the junior secondary school education, the JSS3 students are taken to a boot camp where they are taught, mentored, counselled and guided into making the right career choices.

Senior High School Leadership Training

In our bid to raise global leaders, it is mandatory for all SS2 students to partake in the leadership training that takes place at St. Clair’s Leadership Academy. The off-campus event takes place at locations including the Covenant University, Babcock University, ASCON Badagry and other locations in Port Novo.