Have you ever wondered why you wake up each morning with a lot of enthusiasm to get so much done, but retire to bed in the night without achieving a quarter of what you set out to do?  Most of us write out our “To-do list” without achieving most or sometimes, any of the items on the list.  This is a piece of evidence that we’re working hard, but not smart. We allow our days to unfold on their own accord without a deliberate and strategic plan for managing our time. 


A “to-do list is a brilliant idea as well as a do- not- do” list.  However, even with the two lists, most of us find ourselves still struggling to complete all of our daily plans. This is because we have so many things that could easily derail our plans. If this describes you and you want to uncover how to stay on top of your daily plans, then read on. Here, I will share with you three important things you need to help you stay focused on your daily task and help you get more done daily.

Managing our time does not need to become a ritual of writing a vague list of what to do or not to do. Instead, it needs to be an ongoing process that we consistently and deliberately follow throughout the day. Use what is known as the PRR technique to take control of your day


The 3 (PRR) technique is explained below:

1.       Plan: Before you start your day or daily task, set your plan for the day. Decide on what will make the day a successful one for you. Never begin the day until it is finished on paper says Jim Rohn. Your plan should be what you can realistically accomplish for the day. Break the plans into time slots and prioritize the hardest and most important ones at the beginning of the day before checking your email/messages. Decide on the time slots for the remaining plans. So that at the end of the day, you can retire home feeling productive and fulfilled.

2.       Refocus: Manage your plan hour by hour. Set your watch to track your accomplishment hourly. When you discover that you are distracted or falling short, stop and ask yourself what you ought to be doing and refocus your attention in that direction. Don’t allow interruptions or the inevitable manage you, rather manage your plans.

3.       Review: When you are done with the day’s work, there is the need to review your day. What worked? What didn’t work and why? Where did you get distracted? What can you do to ward off distraction tomorrow?

 If you use this PRR technique consistently, you will discover that you will hit all your goals, be more productive, and feel more successful on a regular basis.

Which of these have you been using to stay focused on your task? Which other ones are you adding to the list?

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