S-TEE School Is 43
There is excitement in the air today as our beloved and preferred institution of learning S-TEE Schools marks its 43rd year today 10th September 2021. S-TEE Schools as an institution, was founded and established in September, 1978 by Madam S. T. Lawal, with an ultimate goal to develop human capital. Our vision is aimed at...
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S-TEE rock at 40
It is no longer news that our beloved citadel of learning, S-TEE Schools is 40 years. We are 40 years bigger, stronger and still maintaining a strong commitment to imparting sound moral, academic, spiritual and life training skills into our learners. In view of this, we hereby formally invite all our parents, alumni, well-wishers and...
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S-TEE at 40
It is no longer news that, your beloved citadel of learning, S-TEE Schools is 40years this September. As part of the celebration, which holds on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th September, 2018, the count down has already begun. We use this platform to invite you, all S-TEE Schools alumni, students, parents and friends of S-TEE...
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anniversary t-shirt
We are pleased to announce that, in line of our 40th anniversary celebration, we have in stock S-TEE at 40 branded t-shirts for both parents and students. The Anniversary t-shirts are available for pick up at a token. To get yours, please visit our corporate office for details. Thank you. Tel: 07045671842 Or via our...
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