S-TEE School Is 43

There is excitement in the air today as our beloved and preferred institution of learning S-TEE Schools marks its 43rd year today 10th September 2021.

S-TEE Schools as an institution, was founded and established in September, 1978 by Madam S. T. Lawal, with an ultimate goal to develop human capital. Our vision is aimed at building hopes, academic excellence and leadership aspirations of young people, that inspires them to realise their full potentials.

Over the years, S-TEE School has made tremendous strides due to our strong commitment to academic and moral excellence in our learners.

Today, we celebrate 43 years of excellence, raising global leaders, building hopes. Above all, we celebrate 43 years of the diligence, dedication, service to God and man, and the unflinching commitment of our visionary founder, Madam T. S. Lawal.

S-TEE Schools currently serves students in the Nursery, Primary, Junior/Senior Secondary, IGCSE and Cambridge A Level.

Congratulations to the Board, Management, Staff, Students, Parents, Stakeholders, Friends and Family of S-TEE Schools. Long live S-TEE Schools.

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