Resumption for First Term 2021/2022 Session

back to school resumption

We are pleased to announce the resumption date for first term 2021/2022 academic session slated for Monday 20th September 2021 by 7.30am.

All of us at S-TEE Schools are excited to welcome back students into not just a new term, but also a new academic session. Parents are advised to come with their wards on resumption day into to complete necessary registration. For effective communication, we will require updated data of all our parents for the new session.

In addition, All Covid regulations are still obtainable as we resume. Therefore every child must have their face masks on; their hand sanitizers and every item required for school to avoid sharing items with other children. We have arranged stands at the entrance for you to quickly sign in your details and take your exit.

Finally, students are expected in their complete school uniform. Hair extensions for girls and outrageous hair cuts for boys are not allowed.

For clarity, the school dress code is as follows;
Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Complete school uniform with black shoe
Tuesday & Thursday – Sport wear with sneakers

Welcome back to school!

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