The Making Of A Champion

It is important to identify this basic truth and run with it very early.

Many of our experiences in life will make us feel small and inadequate. Many people will tag us with our weaknesses and refuse to acknowledge the good things we do.

But the truth is simply this: God made every child to be a potential champion. That’s the simple truth. Every opportunity to hear it and hear how to become it and do what it takes to become it, will eventually make every child to become a champion.

  • 1. To be a champion, work on your mind.
    Tell your mind, you can. Speak it, think it and imagine it. Your thoughts inside become your life outside. Nothing can stop you, if you believe it. That weakness cant stop you, that you’re black can’t stop you; your height can’t stop you. In spite of challenges, believe strongly and see only one option – I am a champion!

making of a champion

  • 2. To be a champion, develop your skills; work on your schedule, practice and study hard.

Comfort is an enemy of champions. You work hard before play – you spend time acquiring and upgrading knowledge in every area required. Write, sing, create something – to be best in what you do and NEVER allow laziness be a part of your life.

making of a champion

Be focused and never allow distractions stop you. A champion is always at work. Excuses are enemies to success.

  • 3. To be a champion, connect to God.

There are vices, temptations and human weaknesses challenging your plan to be a champion. When you connect to a higher power, you feed your spirit with God’s wisdom and that helps you to overcome those temptation.

Bad choices comes from bad information. Great information helps to makeĀ  great choices. Great information comes from God.

Many young people are falling away. Escape by connecting to God. He made you to be a champion, you will only get there when He guides you.

Welcome to the champions’ world. Here in S-TEE, we believe in raising a godly generation of students to be global leaders and global champions. We run to achieve this goal with a passion in our souls. We are here to raise champions.

Akpata Emmanuel

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