At the surface, we see serious human challenges and troubles everywhere presently in our world at this age. We look on every side and everywhere seem to be saddled with one threat or the other to our collective survival. However, on a closer look and with a deeper thought, we come to terms with an underlying truth, that man can overcome these seemingly insurmountable mountains of madness spread across our landscape.

The truth screaming to be told, is that behind the stress, both teal and psychological, lies the strength of the human spirit. There is an in-built mechanism in man, designed by the creator to make mankind evolve again and again, standing on top of all adverse conditions that may arise.

A positive belief in the potential power of our resilient spirit creates a winning strategy to push back the negative, move steadily to the finish line, breaking the barriers against all odds of life.

We must remember that man is not just a physical being, carrying only an emotional bag. Man is also built to engage and activate the strength of the inner spirit in combating adverse moments, transforming pain to gain and trials to triumphs. This is the truth behind come back stories of large corporation giants such as Apple; the relaunch of old brands to fit into the mordant market places and success stories of entrepreneurs who fought through series of economic depressions to emerge again on the stock markets.

Humanity was equipped by divinity to survive holocausts, world wars, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters, economic woes, famines, nuclear wars and any form of carnage. These have come and gone and humanity still stands today.


The bottom line secret to survival and renewal is resilience. This is the capacity to recover from difficulties.

Life is not a straight strand of niceties. There are always bits and pieces of obstacles and huddles lines up on the way. These interferences are not to stop us, but to reveal our strength, creativity and tenacity in going ahead despite the odd. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


We must connect with our creator at times of adversity, so He can release the full picture of our journey and supply the inner strength to fight through the challenge. In His master plan , we were built to last, not to collapse.


With the new strength supplied from our creator and higher power, comes the freshness of new strategies. After every come back is a bigger picture and a better reality from the previous. New strategies comes with an optimist spirit that sees new styles and processes. The lessons of past failures, naturally creates new dynamics for new products to emerge.

As a student, a spouse, career person, a business person; you’re just budding or you’re a tired and frustrated veteran; whatever has been thrown at you or whatever you have been through so far in life. Re-design your mindset and be re-packaged once again. This 2022, knowing you are a built to last, will fortify your spirit with the resilience to relaunch yourself. No matter what you lost last year, or what was never achieved last year, look up and see the line up of survival stories, from history, from nature and from our standing heroes. Remain connected to your dream as received from your creator and throw yourself fully forward. You are destined to win.

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